school started again and im in year 11 and i want to kill myself school is shit ffs


saw 1D on 8th of june and it was the best night of my life ever like seriously omfg they made me love them even more holy shit


watched tfios and it was such an amazing film and was almost a perfect adaption of the book.

watched the woman in black, by myself and it was so scary

watched that awkward moment and bad neighbours bc i love zac and he is so hot but they were really good films

watched the inbetweeners 2 and OMFG I CRIED HAHAHA


currently reading fangirl by rainbow rowell and 50 shades (second book)

just finished looking for alaska by john green, it was really good but not one of my faves

recently finished city of heavenly fire. the last installment of my fave book series ever 'the mortal instruments' - by cassandra clare. you have to read them theyre the best.

i need to read the rest of my john green books and read the infernal devices as well.

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